What is Social Group definition/concept

The company shows a heterogeneous structure because each human being is unique and exclusive and are the people who make up that society. Society is made up of groups . A social group is formed by people who have similar characteristics and who carry out daily activities and projects in the company of other people.

For example, a person interacts socially with colleagues at work, university , childhood, shares the same tastes with mutual friends, in addition to establishing other bonds of friendship.

Definitely, human beings interact with the environment around them and relate to others, forming groups that can be more or less numerous. In every group there is a bond of union, on the contrary, the group loses its essence. Social groups also undergo constant evolution in the same way that anyone experiences remarkable evolution. Social Group

Social groups also undergo evolution because the personal relationships of groups also change. Furthermore, social groups can increase in the same way that a new member is added to a company. Likewise, social groups can also be reduced through a person’s dismissal, departure, or even death. The definitive incorporation or dismissal of a person from a group affects the whole as shown by systemic coaching.

People who are part of the same social group, although they are different from one another, have a common identity, that is, something connected in common. In addition, social groups also have internalized norms that facilitate the order of coexistence . On the other hand, social groups also have similar goals.

Every human being needs to relate to other people, as each one grows and develops within a family. Social groups improve self-esteem and bring recognition, affection, a sense of belonging , strength and motivation.

In fact, the lack of friends causes great emotional pain in those who feel socially isolated, without having a group to share the good and bad moments of life. When a person is part of a social group and establishes a real relationship, his loneliness decreases. In the context of a social group, it is normal for a person to establish deeper relationships with some people than with others.

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