What is Social Contract definition/concept

The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau is the creator of what we know as the social contract. In other words, it is an agreement that regulates the coexistence of people in society in an organized manner through a State that protects the rights and freedom of its members.

In this way, citizens accept this social contract as a common good for all. This contract offers benefits to citizens in exchange for renouncing the freedom inherent in the state of nature to which the human being belongs .

Peaceful coexistence in society

When living in society, each citizen cannot focus exclusively on their own interests, since there are common aspects to all. The concept of social contract is widely used in the field of political philosophy that studies social coexistence.

This term does not mean that citizens materially sign this agreement, but that they implicitly accept it. Therefore, they assume that they are subject to certain laws to comply with, since they value the benefit offered in exchange for this model of coexistence.

From this perspective, man loses his freedom of nature, but gains the free will of civil society.

Thomas Hobbes’ Political Philosophy

Thomas Hobbes is one of the philosophers who believes that this social agreement is essential to guaranteeing peace in society. The author considers that human beings have a deeply rooted conservation instinct when they remain in the state of nature. And this state of conservation can give rise to struggle. For this reason, the social contract is a way to formalize peace.

In this social contract, there are rules that help individuals to distinguish right from wrong, that is, from this perspective, the meaning of justice is demanded . In this social state new rules arise that are not present in the state of nature.

The norms of the social contract must be an extension of the rights of natural law itself. The social contract is intended to promote common equality against other forms of power, such as the right of the strongest against the weakest. This social contract allows us to analyze society as a direct connection between the whole and the parts. social contract

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