What is Social Communication/meaning/concept

From an academic point of view, social communication is defined as the branch of communication that analyzes the existing relationships between social changes and those related to the communication model. Therefore, it studies all issues related to the area of ​​communication and information , as well as the role played by the media and the cultural industry in creating opinion.

Impact of communication on society

In a globalized society , in which access to information is increasingly quick and simple, it is possible to observe how society and the media go hand in hand in many aspects.

The media exert influence over society as a whole and can sometimes have positive effects on individuals and communities, on the other hand, they can have harmful effects due to their message.

Mass media are essential in the lives of many people to the point that, on many occasions, they are considered the only and exclusive source of information or contact with the outside world.

This power was given to various media and were transformed into a vehicle for the expression of political power, exchanging their information work for misinformation, in turn creating authentic information monopolies.

Thus, nowadays, it is impossible to separate social changes from the media as they spread their influence on several levels, directly affecting the way of understanding democracy and citizens, in the same way that they change public opinion and civil society. .

communication and social change

Taking all this into account, it is worth noting that the relationship between communication and social change is bidirectional, so much so that communication affects society and also produces the same effect in reverse.

We must not forget that society as a whole forms the context of the media, so that they also pose an obstacle to their performance.

A good example of this is the growth of initiatives that promote social change through the use of tools provided by the means of communication, such as community radio and citizen journalism .

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