What is Social Capital/meaning/concept

The concept social capital is used to designate or refer to capital that is socially combined or combined, that is, it is the amount of money or values ​​that can bring together several people, as well as contribute to a social cooperative or some other type of institution. Social capital is easily linked to the idea of society , as all social capital always involves an agreement on where to place this capital, as well as its purpose, expectations, among others.

Social capital is a term present throughout the history of human beings that arises from the union of several people through the formation of companies, cooperatives, recovered factories, etc.

Whenever we talk about social capital, we are faced with the union of two or more people through their financial resources to obtain some benefit or common goal

Thus, any historic union, such as the formation of a club, a company , a community , a non-profit organization are some of the examples of social capital.

Social capital, obviously, serves to unite certain people through their capital or money invested in some objective

These people become partners or creditors (unless they declare themselves otherwise) with equal rights to participate, make decisions, project the future, etc. In addition, they have the same responsibilities towards the business , company or institution itself, as it is their duty to provide what is necessary to continue being maintained.

Although the capitalist system is simply an individualist system, in which it is individuals and not organizations or institutions that matter, what is certain is that the communion or union of human beings in small groups has always been important and necessary for their coexistence, whether for goals in common or by differences.

Either way, the idea of ​​social capital can be traced historically in thousands of situations and examples throughout history.

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