What is Social Anthropology/meaning/concept

The anthropology social is a discipline fundamental of human knowledge. This science began to be developed in a more concrete way from the 19th century onwards. In its first phase, the object of study of social anthropology was pre-industrial society . However, through social evolution this science also expanded its field of study.

Professionals working in the field of social anthropology are experts in exploring the cultural knowledge of a people

For example, a social anthropologist’s study may address specific issues such as the faith of a people (ie religious ideas), the dominant artistic trends at the time, the dominant theory of knowledge, forms of social relationship, values ​​and beliefs that structure social ethics, social conventions and peoples’ traditions on certain dates.

Like other human disciplines, social anthropology is a treasure that allows human beings to know themselves better as part of the society they belong to.

Furthermore, social anthropology shows the cultural richness that exists in the world from the differences present in the customs of the most varied peoples. That is, culture as a food for the spirit is an essential good for evolution, since it is a different good. One of the methods of investigation carried out by social anthropologists is direct observation, which is fundamental for gathering objective data.

Another factor, such as the language of a region, is vital in shaping the anthropology of that location.

man is a cultural being

The meaning of social anthropology is also based on the premise of the human being as a cultural being by its very nature. That is, intelligence , reason, sensitivity and will are essential skills for understanding human life.

On the other hand, while a human being can be understood individually, social anthropology is put under observation as a group entity. In other words, society as a structure of its own life is nourished by rites, customs, rules and events. It is impossible to understand the human being as a manifestation of his own nature.

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