What is Smart Home/meaning/concept

If someone tells you that your house is smart, it’s not that it has its own personality and thinks for itself – although in some cases I think the house is smarter than the owner… – but that it has the latest generation of electronics to make everyday tasks easier. Smart Home

Home Automation

A house is intelligent when it has a series of electronic systems, sensors and devices, so that they can be easily controlled, even from a distance, and the house performs certain actions on its own.

An example of this is the management of heating and air conditioning, so that the house is always at a comfortable temperature , whatever the time of year.

This can be achieved by installing temperature sensors and connected to a computer or suitable device, since once programmed and deciding on the best temperature, it sends orders to the heating or air conditioning control devices. Smart Home

This automation is what is called home automation

Home automation has been around for a long time, since we can connect different automations through a domestic wiring system , sometimes with cables inside the walls. Technological advances provide us with wireless connectivity and miniaturization, allowing the extension of the home automation concept to many other aspects, including outside the home, giving rise to what in English is called the Internet of Things (Internet of Things), abbreviated as IoT for your initials.

Currently, and because of the IoT, there are devices that allow you to control almost anything you can imagine, either automatically or facilitating human control. Smart Home

The essence of the smart home: doing things for itself

Recapitulating, we can say that the smart home is the result of the intersection between architecture, interior design and the most advanced technology, which allows for the neglected automation of certain domestic tasks, but also with the condition of supervision or establishment objectives by its residents.

Thus, the smart home seeks:

– Energy savings . As the various sensors around the house are more reliable than human feeling, exactly the energy needed to heat or cool the house is used.

– Give us more time. By automating certain tasks, we stop thinking about them. When we wake up every morning at the same time, the house itself (through its artificial intelligence ) can roll up the blinds and heat the coffee, so we can save this time to get to work a little earlier or sleep five more minutes ! Smart Home

– Allow remote control. She turns on the air conditioning ten minutes before we arrive home, so when we enter there is no price for the feeling of pleasure to pay.

– Increase our security . Cameras and motion sensors are elements that alert us to intruders and suspicious movements, even when we are away.

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