What is Skydiving ( Parachuting) definition/concept/elaboration

This aerial activity is directly related to a human aspiration since ancient times: to imitate birds in their flight. Jumping from a parachute in free fall or in any other modality is an experience that generates an adrenaline rush, as it is an action with a certain risk and extreme safety measures must be taken . Skydiving

This modality is practiced for several purposes: as a form of entertainment, in its sporting version, for war purposes or in the context of a show.

Today’s parachutes are of various types: round, triangular, rectangular and conical. All of them trap the air inside them and in this way they stop the fall in a gradual way. Security systems employed have evolved over time (ring opening Manual , System Stevens automatic open, three – ring system, etc.). In case the parachute does not open, there is another one in reserve. Skydiving

historical background

In the ninth century, Cordoba Abbas Ibn Firnás was the first man to build a parachute, who then proved his invention, but with little success. Over time, new artifacts similar to the current parachute were invented. In the time of the Chinese Emperor Fo-Kien, some acrobats threw themselves from tall towers with umbrellas. However, the invention of the parachute is attributed to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci (the mechanism was known by the term “canopy” and in the conserved sketches its triangular shape was appreciated). With the invention of the air balloon, new launch attempts were created and some proved to be successful. Skydiving

The first fully documented parachute jump took place in France in 1797 via a balloon at a height of 1000 meters. The first launch of an airplane took place in 1911.

In the military context

In World War I, soldiers parachuted on sabotage missions or to supply isolated troops. At the end of the war, they began to create military sections specializing in jumping. During World War II, Allied troops won important victories over the Nazis with paratrooper units.

Main modalities of jumping in sport skydiving

When a jump is performed with the intention of landing in a previously marked area, precision skydiving is practiced. When athletes launch themselves and before landing perform maneuvers close to the ground, the Swooping modality is practiced. There is also freestyle or Freestyle, Freefly, big formations or Big Ways with more than 30 participants or Wingsuit.

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