What is Skinhead definition/concept/elaboration

In the last 50 years, several urban tribes have emerged, each with its own identity, ideology and aesthetics . While hippies of the 60s opposed social conventions, defended free love and pacifist ideals, skinheads of the 70s stood out for their defiant and even violent attitude. Skinhead

The skinhead movement was born in the working-class neighborhoods of the city of London and within a few years it spread to other Western countries.

The origin of this movement is found in the so-called “rude boys”, young people of Jamaican origin, fans of reggae music and ska, who settled in the English suburbs in search of a better future. Interestingly, the first skins were anti-fascist and anti-racist.

An urban tribe that does not arouse sympathy in society as a whole

Skinheads, also known as shaved heads, do not have a defined philosophy, but rather a vital principle with some characteristics. These are individuals that we could call anti-system these days. Politically, a section of this urban tribe has Nazi inclinations, but the Redskin subgroup is clearly anti-fascist. Skinhead

In general, they are apolitical and present a generally negative image, as their culture is associated with homophobic, violent and racist attitudes.

Hobbies, Aesthetics and Identity Signs

Adherents to this urban subculture  are usually fans of football teams, who attend stadiums in groups with an attitude that is sometimes aggressive and provocative. In fact, part of the hooligans is integrated into the skin movement. Skinhead

In relation to your clothing and aesthetics, we can highlight the following features: hair shaved, military – type clothing, soldier boots, jackets bomber style with patches, jeans and suspenders.

His musical tastes are quite varied: soul, rockstedy, oi, ska, r & b or punk metal (the Oi! genre is undoubtedly what most identifies with skinheads). Some films about this urban tribe also stand out on the movie screen , such as 1969’s “Bronco Bullfrog”, 1998’s American history X, 2002’s “This is England” or 2005’s “Diario de un skin”. Skinhead

The current SHARP in the United States

A portion of the skin movement believes that media reporting distorted his image, presenting this as a collective group of Nazi party violence in the streets. As a reaction to this cliché , in the late 1980s, in the United States, a skin organization against racism was created. Its members founded SHARP, which stands for Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice. Skinhead

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