What is Single Family House definition/concept

As its name says, the family home is a place inhabited by a single family . The concept of single-family housing is used architecturally as opposed to the idea of ​​collective housing or multi-family housing. Single Family House

Characteristics of this type of housing

  • – Single-family houses are normally found in places further away from urban centers and large agglomerations;
  • – These are houses that socially symbolize the purchasing power of the inhabitant;
  • – These houses are usually located in exclusive areas and are quite common in countries like the United States, Australia and some in northern Europe;
  • – In relation to architecture , there is no single model of single-family housing, even so there are several modalities: semi-detached houses, with swimming pool, bioclimatic, two-storey houses, one-story, among others. Single Family House
  • – The construction is proposed based on the north-south direction for the location of the house facilities and the east-west direction for outdoor spaces.

The main advantages

  • – Single-family homes are built to meet the needs of each family. In this way, a family can decide how they want to build their house depending on their tastes and needs. It should be noted that this type of house is generally custom built and the client is the one who gives the architect guidelines;
  • – From the point of view of architectural style, these houses allow for greater creativity ;
  • – Generally these houses have ample space, as well as a garage, basement, swimming pool and a small plot of land for gardening or other spaces related to leisure;
  • – Compared to other villas, it allows for greater privacy. Single Family House

The main drawbacks

  • – Usually these houses have a higher price than collective houses;
  • – As it is not located in urban areas, there may be communication problems and lack of service ;
  • – Single-family houses need a large plot of land, a circumstance that can increase the price. Single Family House

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