What is Seven Years War definition/concept

In the history of the European continent there have been many military conflicts between the main powers. The Seven Years War took place between 1756 and 1763 and involved the confrontation of two blocs of nations: Prussia and Great Britain against France, Austria and their allies, mainly Russia and Spain.

Causes of Conflict and Fields of Action

One of the main reasons that triggered the confrontation was Austria’s desire to conquer the territory of Silesia and the consequent opposition from Prussia. On the other hand, France and Great Britain vied for colonial domains, like the territory of present-day India and the American continent.

In addition to territorial interests between nations, it should be noted that the conflict was also motivated by religious reasons, as there was a latent tension between British Protestants and reformists in the colonial domains. Seven Years War

The fields of action of the war took place both by sea and by land. France and Great Britain measured their naval forces to control the trade routes, in parallel, Prussia and Austria faced each other to control the territories that were to the east of present-day Germany.

Conflict consequences

The Seven Years’ War ended with two agreements, the Treaty of Paris and the Treaty of Huberturge. Both implied a series of consequences:

1) France ceded colonial territories in America to Great Britain and, in return, the British ceded control of Guadeloupe and Martinique,

2) Spain retained control over Florida and regained control of the British-occupied island of Menorca,

3) the British had to evacuate their troops from Cuba and the Philippines, but generally won by imposing their power on North America.

Regardless of the territorial consequences, the Seven Years’ War caused an increase in public debt in both France and Great Britain.

Both nations imposed large tax increases, especially on the British colonies in North America.

Over time, the high taxes caused a deep malaise among the American colonists and this circumstance was the element that triggered the independence of the United States a few years later.

Some historians claim that the Seven Years War was actually the first world war.

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