What is Semiotics definition/concept/elaboration

We can call the discipline that deals with the study of signs semiotics . This means that it seeks to explain the way in which human beings use signs to understand the world and communicate with each other. This study can be carried out in different ways, but there are some aspects that thrive in this sense.

The study of this phenomenon of meaning attribution is especially useful in the scientific field, where the way in which knowledge is generated is an essential issue.

The first consideration that we must take into account about semiotics is that it refers to the sign as an element that only has relevance in terms of what it refers to. In fact, a sign of any kind is characterized by referring to another element in a person’s mind . So, for example, the term “cat” is a sign that reminds us of the animal figure. This leads us to refer to the sign’s ability to be treated as something else, known as unknown. Semiotics

However, there is a difference between the signs that man is continually exposed to. In fact, some of them maintain a completely arbitrary relationship to which they refer, while others may have a kind of relationship to which it is represented. An example of the first circumstance refers to human language , where a series of sounds is related to a specific object of reality .

On the other hand, when we refer to circumstances related between the signifier and the meaning of a motivated nature, the situation is different. Let’s think, for example, of an icon that has a similarity to what it refers to, that is, a photo. Also included in this category is the circumstance that can be understood as the effect of a specific cause, such as smoke that alludes to the existence of fire. Semiotics

Man is continually using this mechanics in his everyday experience, giving meaning to what he perceives

That is why knowledge about this phenomenon is important, as it is positioned at the beginning of the knowledge process. Semiotics responds to these needs, investigating the sign and the way to interact with man.

Some variants of this science gave rise to new ways of conceiving a particular phenomenon, as in linguistics and with the contributions of Saussure.

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