What is Self Punishment/meaning/concept

Punishment is a way of penalizing someone for some reason. There are many ways: a sensation , a fine, a thankless task to make up for bad behavior or something like torturing the other person . Self Punishment

There are other variants of punishment, such as those we do against ourselves and also known as self-punishment. From a rational point of view, the idea of ​​doing any harm is strange, but we know that the human mind has complex mechanisms of the unconscious type and that there is an explanation for understanding why we punish ourselves.

Self-punishment has several modalities and each one of them has its own characteristics. Next, we will present three versions of this concept: psychological, religious and sexual self-punishment

When someone feels guilty for some reason, they are likely to have reactions that trigger a somewhat severe punishment (for example, taking on too much responsibility to compensate for the feeling of guilt). Psychological self-punishment has an unconscious component that is not easy to admit and give a convincing explanation. Probably, there may be a relationship with the inner conscience , which somehow dialogues with itself and reprimands us in case of any deviation. In psychoanalytic terms the “I” involves self-evaluation and, therefore, the consequent disapproval.

Religious issues have a great sense of duty and set certain standards for how to act.

Fulfilling expectations rigorously and easily can cause human beings to deviate from their goal. Thus, if a person with strong religious beliefs does not comply with a moral precept , he may self-punish, censoring or repressing inappropriate conduct . An example of this would be flagellation, it is a very intense corporal punishment that is associated with certain religious practices.

In the area of ​​sexuality, the majority trend is the search for pleasure

However, the idea of ​​pleasure has a hidden face: masochism. It consists in obtaining sexual pleasure through physical pain. Those who have this tendency seek self-punishment because the proposal to feel pain is desired.

Some experts believe that the various forms of self-punishment have something in common: the feeling of guilt.

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