What is self love/meaning/concept/elaboration

Love is an intense feeling you normally feel for another person. Feeling love for someone implies a series of intense emotions: desire, jealousy, affinity and even living with something painful and contradictory. Anyway, there is a variant of this inner passion: self-love.

Simply put, we can define it as self-respect. It is often said that we will be loved by others from the moment we love each other. For this reason, self-esteem is the essential element of this version of love.

The idea of ​​being well and being able to accept oneself are necessary requirements for love to prevail

The concept of self love involves the feeling of an internal, satisfying, and positive dialogue that ends in our personal acceptance . In other words, we accept ourselves and therefore we want each other. Once this balanced state is reached, it is possible to speak of self-love.

On certain occasions, when it is said that a person has a lot of self-esteem, it is not a matter of self-esteem, but of pride.

Thus, both directions have two possibilities: a negative trend and a positive one. Pride linked to self-love is a feeling that shows arrogance and excess self-esteem. On the other hand, self-love, in a good sense, is neither vain nor pretentious, it simply consists in treating oneself well, that is, loving oneself. Logically, the boundary between pride and self-esteem is blurred, so it is difficult to delineate when it comes to one feeling or another.

Just as the love of others in relation to us goes beyond our possibilities, love itself is unique and depends on the will of himself. In this sense, it can be said that the individual being works as an emotional pact.

Likewise, it can be understood from another point of view. Not in a narrowly emotional sense, but as a conservation mechanism, a way to protect ourselves emotionally. In fact, when self-love is lost, there is a feeling of disarm and defeat.

In the sentimental world there are no precise definitions as in other areas. Therefore, it presents itself as an experience that each individual understands in their own way, as human passions that are personal and unique.

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