What is Self discipline/meaning/concept

For a personal or collective project to be successful it is necessary to establish a certain order in the execution processes. In other words, without discipline it is virtually impossible to achieve any goal. Self discipline

As a general rule, every disciplinary regime imposes a series of rules to be followed. This is what happens in the military, school, business or sports field.

In most cases, the established norms have a hierarchical structure of the boss- subordinate, teacher-student or coach- athlete type (in these relationships, there is always someone who proposes certain guidelines and the other side who obeys).

However, discipline does not always come from a higher authority, as we ourselves can impose rules and procedures for some purpose. You could say it’s about creating our own training system .

A form of self-control in which the person becomes boss and subordinate at the same time

Let’s think of a university student who carries out his studies at a distance. With this system, the student does not have any external reference that determines the course of his daily activity, therefore, he must establish his own self-control with the organization of schedules, the establishment of priorities and all the circumstances related to his education. Self discipline

In many circumstances, we ourselves must impose some habits to reach a certain goal.

Nobody makes us do anything, but we know what’s in our best interest. This principle is put into practice when we decide to go on a diet or when we want to quit smoking.

Although there are no magic formulas, some recommendations can be helpful.

– Self-discipline is not simply a way of doing things, but it is fundamentally a mental training to reach any established goal. Self discipline

– It is convenient to assess the goals we want to achieve and our capabilities realistically. If goals are unattainable or overly optimistic, we will likely end up abandoning our habits of discipline.

– It is advisable to plan a sensible strategy that can be carried out gradually.

– When starting a project that requires discipline, it is necessary to work on two closely related aspects: motivation and willpower .

– We must have the support of tools that make our tasks easier, as this way we avoid unnecessary efforts.

– It is important to avoid certain distractions that take us away from the goal to be achieved. Self discipline

– Finally, we must be very clear about the answer to a question: why do we want to be self-disciplined?

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