What is Self Compassion/meaning/concept

Compassion is the feeling of empathy and understanding towards another person’s suffering . When this feeling is applied to oneself, we are faced with self-pity. Self Compassion

Feeling sorry for ourselves is a relatively common emotion.

This happens when we fail on a project or feel distressed, so we console ourselves and regret it ourselves. It would be a way of relief and inner dialogue to calm feelings. If this support mechanism is repetitive and frequent, it is possible that it has another interpretation, as it is a way to get the attention of others (we regret to seek the compassion of others).

Another variant of this behavior is low self-esteem, this happens when a person does not like themselves enough and feels sorry for themselves, that is, it is pure self-compassion. Psychologists consider this mental process to be clearly destructive, as both feelings feed off each other and lead to discouragement and depression.

defense mechanism

Sometimes, self-pity works as a defense mechanism, so we feel sorry for not taking responsibility for a problem. This is a way of deceiving ourselves, since instead of focusing and solving what ails us, we project a protective and pious attitude in ourselves.

In everyday life, self-compassion receives other names

It is often said that a person “plays a victim”. Victimism is behavior that involves some danger. Firstly, when a person considers himself a victim of something, and secondly, when he feels sorry for it. The problem is that you may not be the victim, but the cause of a problem.

Thus, victimhood acts like a trick, but we are the ones who end up being deceived. Those who show themselves as victims are convinced that their suffering is caused by others or for some other reason, that’s why this type of excuse is evaluated by psychologists as an egocentric behavior. His egocentrism is very particular because it is not based on vanity, but on the victim’s idea of ​​protagonism. Self Compassion

For some specialists, self-pity has an addictive component, it is a kind of drug that gives us a certain pleasure and ends up dominating us completely.

As mentioned earlier, self-pity has many faces and possible meanings. There is no definitive description of this type of feeling and each individual experiences it in a very personal way, even if it would be best not to experience it because you don’t need it. Self Compassion

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