What is Self Assessment/meaning/concept

Any student can experience a process of continuous assessment thanks to an adequate follow-up by the professors in order to measure the student’s academic evolution, which must adapt to a specific level in each course. In this sense, the evolution is usually external, that is, it is the teachers who assess the students’ level through different methods, for example, through an oral or written exam, or even through the completion of work. However, evolution can also be personal as self-assessment shows. In this case, self-assessment is a method through which any student can measure their own level in any subject.

Self-assessment needs to be taught by teachers to their students so that they can assess themselves and have a clearer view of the situation they are in at the moment, that is, self-assessment is effective in combating self-deception or excessive expectations. It is an effective method because it brings autonomy to the student in their learning process.

Thanks to self-assessment, the student can fulfill several objectives in relation to the knowledge process. What points should you take into account to carry out the self-assessment process?

1. In the first place , it is essential to clarify what criteria should be followed throughout the evaluation process. Defining these criteria is the starting point.

2. Once the rules have been defined, the objectives must be clarified in terms of the result in order to be able to overcome a particular test.

3. Carefully evaluate the performance of an individual activity to check if the results fit the established criteria according to the final grade that can be classified generically as approved or withheld.

4. Knowing the end result is important to design a suitable action plan according to the proposed end. For example, if a student shows lack of knowledge in a subject, it is necessary to prepare an action plan with the aim of correcting and improving it.

5. Likewise, if a student obtains a good result in a self-assessment, this is due to the fact that he has an action plan. In this case, it is worth maintaining this plan to continue with this optimal level.

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