What is Seasonal Business definition/concept

Undertaking a project is a decision that every entrepreneur has as a prior planning . Most businesses are a permanent investment, projects that require continuous dedication throughout the year. However, there are concrete examples of businesses that are known as seasonal, that is, labor activities whose essence is reduced to the period of time of a certain season. For example, in the tourism sector there are seasonal businesses, such as beach kiosks. A place with life for coastal destinations that offer a service to tourists. Seasonal Business

It is worth noting, generally, that seasonal businesses gain a greater prominence in countries whose environmental conditions change significantly over the fall, winter, spring and summer. For example, in many countries, ice cream parlors are seasonal businesses with potential for success only during the months with pleasant temperatures, which are an invitation to enjoy them. In the tourism sector, there are also many hotels that open their doors only in high season.

Advantages of seasonal businesses

A seasonal business has the advantage of allowing you to obtain extra annual profits by taking advantage of the high season of a specific sector. In this way, it is an activity that can be complemented by another type of project. Another reality of this type of project is that the workload is very high and reduced to a very specific period of time, in addition to living with an overload of tasks and stress. Seasonal Business

There is the advantage of having plenty of time available in the year to continue studying, participating in networking events and exploring new avenues for development.

Disadvantages of seasonal businesses

What are the disadvantages of a seasonal business? They are very vulnerable to environmental conditions as the season of an ice cream parlor may not meet expected expectations, for example, when it is cold or raining. In this way, the desire for high temperatures is interrupted and it is no longer an invitation to stroll along the boardwalk having an ice cream . All of this leads to a wide variation in income . Seasonal Business

In some cases, the seasonal business has the disadvantage of only profiting in a specific period, however, it requires the payment of permanent bills throughout the year. For example, when a hotel closes its doors for a certain period, it still pays the corresponding taxes and fees, even without selling anything.

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