What is Sea Water/meaning/concept/elaboration

Seawater has many dissolved gases, mainly hydrogen and oxygen. Another of its characteristics is its varied temperature since it oscillates between 10 and 30 degrees, but from 500 meters deep it reaches temperatures close to 0 degrees. The high content of sodium chloride is what causes its high salinity. What is Sea Water?

In addition to its properties, this element is the protagonist of the most important natural cycle in nature, the water cycle. Thus, during the evaporation process, the sun’s heat causes the seawater to rise to the clouds and then produce condensation and, finally, precipitation.

Is it beneficial to health?

This question does not have a definitive answer, as there are two antagonistic positions. For some it is very beneficial to health, while others claim otherwise. What is Sea Water?

Bathing in the sea is healthy for several reasons: it helps to fight psoriasis and other skin problems, prevents osteoarthritis and promotes muscle relaxation and rest.

Also, it is said to be beneficial for its consumption, since a glass of seawater provides natural minerals due to its high salinity. For it to be healthy, it is recommended to be previously filtered and treated.

Since ancient times, fishermen have used sea water to cook food (for example, to cook fish and vegetables). In this sense, fishermen cook with sea water because in this way the salt is incorporated into the food. However, fishermen do not drink the water for their usual consumption. What is Sea Water?

The water obtained from the sea is neither pure nor properly treated, so it can incorporate elements and substances that are harmful to health, such as mercury , lead, spores, animal waste, diesel, waste, etc.

Rene Quinton’s Theory

Seawater therapies are not recent. In fact, French biologist and humanist René Quinton studied its effects in the 19th and early 20th centuries. His research was based on a general principle: the aquatic environment is what allowed life to appear on the planet.

Quinton diluted seawater in distilled water and his patients took it orally or intravenously.

He believed that the antiseptic properties of this combination were a valid remedy to cure all types of illnesses , such as nasal decongestion, strengthening the immune system , improving asthma, among others.

This researcher has followers all over the world, who continue to use Plasma Quinton, because, according to them, this substance contains organic micronutrients with antibiotic and curative properties. What is Sea Water?

For conventional medicine, the benefits of marine plasma are falsehoods framed within the new currents of alternative therapies.

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