What is Scientology/meaning/concept

There are three main approaches in the world when it comes to understanding and living religion: monotheism, polytheism and animism. Each of these beliefs is, in turn, part of a church ‘s system of organization. Scientology is a religion that differs from traditional thinking in that it is not based on a God and a sacred text.

For its followers, it is a liberating proposition aimed at happiness, while for others it is a destructive sect for profit.

Origin and basic principles

Scientology emerged in the early twentieth century in the United States, and its doctrines are inspired by the ideas of Ron Laffayette Hubbard, an American science fiction writer who argued in his books that it was extraterrestrials who inculcated the various existing religions, including logically Christianity.

The faithful who are part of this movement practice a form of therapy known as auditing. This is to help the faithful to free themselves from the negative experiences of their past.

Extraterrestrial spirits are the cause of our misconceptions and misjudgments, as well as human suffering

According to the followers of this movement, certain practices of traditional psychiatry are a real threat and for this reason must be neutralized by the principles of Scientology.

Among kinesiologists, there is a list of famous characters: John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Juliette Lewis, among others.

Reviews to Scientology

Like other religious groups , some of its members disassociate themselves and denounce certain practices of conduct manipulation . In this sense, Scientology exes claim that they were made to believe that they would have a life full of satisfactions and happiness and that they would no longer have psychosomatic illnesses or other forms of suffering.

One of the strategies used is to nullify the critical awareness of individuals

In this sense, believers are convinced that everything that happens to them in their lives is positive and satisfying.

The members of this group are informed that they will be helped psychologically and for this reason the organization finds out all the details about their lives. Through this procedure they have all the necessary information to blackmail and pressure.

Scientology critics say that this organization is only a disguise and that in reality hides perverse interests, especially economic benefits. In short, there are those who consider a sect to be destructive.

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