What is Scientific Calculator/meaning/concept

Some mathematical operations are simple and to perform them all you need is a mental calculation, a pencil and paper or a conventional calculator. However, certain more complex mathematical functions can be solved with a more advanced technology : the scientific calculator.

General features

These calculators incorporate the most common functions such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. In this way it is possible to calculate percentages or proportions using a simple rule of three. Scientific Calculator

On its top, these calculators incorporate a series of keys with which you can perform various additional functions: operations with fractions, trigonometric functions, derived units, conversion between units (for example, from inches to centimeters), among others. In the case of operations with time units, it is possible to add hours, minutes and seconds. It is also used in statistical functions such as mean or variance. Scientific Calculator

In the field of algebra there are also specific options (eg linear or first degree equations). On the other hand, these devices already incorporate certain constants of physics and chemistry , thanks to which it is possible to obtain their value.

This tool is commonly used in mathematical or physical procedures, as well as in all disciplines associated with science. Naturally, it is a very useful device in the academic field. Currently, scientific calculators compete with other alternatives, such as web tools and mobile applications.

Scientific calculators offer obvious advantages, but they cannot be used without prior guidance.

These devices provide two strategic advantages: they save a lot of time when performing operations and their multiple functions establish a significant reduction in mathematical calculations. However, to use them correctly it is necessary to employ an adequate methodology . Scientific Calculator

From an educational point of view

The use of scientific calculators in the academic field is an issue that generates all kinds of debate . For some, it is a valuable tool, but it should not replace the process of reasoning . In this sense, many professors defend its use as long as it is complemented with traditional explanations.

In other words, it is a useful device when the user knows what operation he is performing. Like any other technological tool, this one makes sense when it supports the thought process . Scientific Calculator

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