What is Sabbatical Year/meaning/concept

This expression is used to refer to the period of time in which a person leaves their professional activity in order to carry out other activities, such as traveling, writing or simply resting. Sabbatical Year

The sabbatical year has two possible modalities: receiving remuneration or not receiving it.

in the academic field

In the university context of some countries, teachers may request a period of paid work leave provided that two basic conditions are met:

1) who have accumulated a minimum of years of work,

2) that the sabbatical year be directed towards a justified activity, such as research or academic training.

An option that can be beneficial in many ways Sabbatical Year

This practice is also contemplated in some companies, where the worker who takes refuge in the sabbatical year is replaced by an unemployed person and still receives financial support from the state .

Often, those who finish their university studies make this decision in order to start an enriching project: an activity as a volunteer for an NGO, a stay abroad to learn a new language or any other option with the purpose of having new experiences in life. In this sense, it is not about wandering and doing nothing, but about leaving the comfort zone to acquire new skills and abilities. Sabbatical Year

Some people decide to temporarily leave work in order to get to know themselves better.

The origin of the expression is found in Judaism

In the Jewish religion, the Sabbath is the day of rest dedicated to Jehovah (Yahweh) who during the Sabbath interrupts any work activity.

On the other hand, in the ancient Mosaic law, farmers had the custom of abandoning the cultivation of the land after six years of planting so that the land would rest and after that time it would be in better conditions to resume cultivation.

It should be noted that this practice is also known among farmers as fallow. Anyway, over time this custom has spread to the university field and other sectors.

The Financing Problem

Currently, the sabbatical year is a possibility that can only be carried out in cases where there is sufficient financial support, be it savings or salary remuneration.

Without a source of funding, this type of work permit becomes unfeasible. Sabbatical Year

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