What is Sabbat definition/concept/elaboration

The Sabbath or Shabbat refers to a special day of the Jewish religion. It is a day of the week on which the faithful of this religion must rest and this day, more specifically, is the Sabbath. The fundamental idea of ​​Sabbat is not to perform any work activities . This obligation imitates the behavior of God, who also rested the day after creating the world, as stated in the Jewish and Christian tradition in the Bible. Sabbat

From an etymological point of view, the word Sabbat literally means rest or rest. Its meaning goes beyond the prohibition of work activity, since it is not possible to cook (food must be prepared in advance), as well as speaking on the phone and turning on the light.

The Sabbat is a family celebration in which all members gather to celebrate this day.

Its sacred dimension makes the Sabbat a special day of family union and respect for the creator. For this reason, it is a customary day to read the Torah (Hebrew Bible) and its commandments. Sabbat

The Sabbath doctrine is taken from Exodus, chapters 20 and verses 8 to 12. Fulfillment of this Torah command extends to all variants of Judaism and, at the same time, serves as a model of rest day among Christians in this case the Sunday.

The Symbolism of the Sabbat

The Sabbath symbolizes God’s covenant with the Hebrews. It is a covenant for eternity, in the sense that it must always be fulfilled and respected by all generations. The Sabbat represents the bond of union between the Creator and the people of Israel.

Likewise, the Sabbat has a historical dimension for Jews. Thus, during the Sabbat period, the day when the Jewish people stopped being slaves in Egypt and went to the Promised Land is remembered, as described in the book of Exodus, the second book of the Bible.

The Sabbath symbolizes the day of rest for any man or woman , whether owner or slave, boss or employee (even animals cannot perform tasks for the benefit of humans). The Sabbat also expresses the idea of equality between human beings.

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