What is Rumba definition/concept/elaboration

The rumba is a popular, festive and joyful musical genre. There is no single version of the rumba, as it has several variants: African, Cuban, Flamenco, Catalan or Colombian.

This word  is used as a synonym for party or revelry, so being in the rumba is equivalent to having fun. In the same way, a ruffled person is someone who is fun and cheerful.

Main points

  • – This musical genre has two aspects: dance and singing. In all its modalities, it is a musical expression that is born from the people and has a very spontaneous and street character.
  • – It is a dance in which a man and a woman are the protagonists and simulate a sexual approach while others participate with the singing;
  • – The musical instruments are very varied and depend on the tradition of each country: the use of a large box like a drum, pieces of cane for percussion known as guaguas, metal marugas (rattle) and the guiro are typical of the rumba Cuban, besides the Spanish guitar, castanets and palms that are characteristic elements of the flamenco or Catalan rumba.
  • – Regarding the lyrics of the songs, it is about love themes, social or tragic events of everyday life, but all this with a relaxed, ironic and fun tone.

The historical origin

According to most studies, the remote origin of rumba is African. It is believed that this musical rhythm was spreading slowly and reaching India, later Europe and America. It is very likely that it was the gypsies (in their first immigration from India) who introduced the rumba in other countries, mainly in southern Spain.

the Catalan rumba

The first witnesses of Catalan rumba took place in Barcelona in the 1950s. Until then, Barcelona was a city that welcomed the population of Andalusian origin and gypsy race. Therefore, Andalusia’s own flamenco is the original music that developed in the poor neighborhoods of Barcelona.

From its origins, the Catalan rumba continued to evolve, in this way, it joined other styles (for example, with rock and blues) and became the anthem of the 1992 Olympic Games  in Barcelona. closing of the Games “Os Manolos” were the rumba group that entertained the audience with the song “Amigos para Sempre” (Friends for ever).

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