What is Ruby definition/concept/elaboration

Its name comes from the Latin word ruber, which means red. This mineral, also known as red corundum, has the following characteristics: high hardness (nine out of ten on the Mohs scale ), several shades and the most valued is dark red, it also has other mineral residues such as chromium, iron and titanium; as a precious stone it is one of the most valued and expensive in the international market. Its mineral characteristics are similar to sapphire, as both share corundum as an element. According to the Strunz classification used in mineralogy, ruby ​​is an aluminum oxide crystal and its chemical formulation is Al2O3.

Main deposits and extraction systems

The best known deposits are on the Asian continent , especially in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand.

Ruby can be found in deep wells, in some quarries or on the banks of rivers. Its extraction is carried out using artisanal methods that have not changed over time. Ruby

Your use as jewelry

It is one of the most prestigious jewels in the jewelry world. In this sense, the rulers of India, in ancient times, used rubies to adorn their thrones or decorate their weapons. The great jewelers study its purity and color distribution, in some cases, they are more valued than diamonds.

In recent years, natural rubies are being replaced by synthetic products, which look similar but are much cheaper. Synthetic imitations are similar in shape and color, but lack their physical and chemical characteristics.

Symbolism and properties

Traditionally, gemstones have a particular symbolic charge. The ruby ​​represents the ideal of charity and loyalty . In antiquity some cultures believed that this stone concealed spiritual powers. Ruby

Those who believe in the strength and energy of the chakras claim that the vibrations of rubies can be beneficial in many ways: to bring joy , to cause a pleasant sleep or to help overcome material difficulties. In relation to health, it is stated that this gemstone can help overcome kidney problems, certain eye diseases or immune problems. Ruby

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