What is Riot definition/concept/elaboration

When a group of people adopts a rebellious stance against an authority, a riot ensues. In other words, it is a revolt that any group refuses to fulfill its obligations . Riot

Traditionally, mutiny takes place in prisons and in the military context

Prison riots often occur when prisoners consider their situation to be unsustainable and precarious. This type of rebellion is often associated with the prison context. Lack of food, poor hygiene conditions and overcrowding are the main causes. In most cases mutiny is seen as a strategy to negotiate with prison authorities. Quite often, this type of action is accompanied by violence .

In the military field, those responsible may be tempted to impose stricter discipline accompanied by drastic punitive measures. When that happens, a group of soldiers is likely to decide to organize a mutiny. Obviously, this military action is illegal and contrary to army regulations. Riot

The HMS Bounty Rebels

At the end of the 18th century, the frigate HMS Bounty, of the British navy, had been navigating the Pacific Ocean for two years . The voyage had a dual purpose : finding new shipping routes and securing a shipment of breadfruit plants so that it could feed the slave population subdued by the British Empire.

The frigate’s chief officer, Captain William Bligh, behaved with disproportionate harshness and cruelty to his crew. One of the officers, Fletcher Christian, organized a mutiny with the help of other crew members.

The rebels took command of the frigate and decided that Captain Bligh and a small group of sailors would abandon HMS Bounty in a small boat. Riot

Obviously, the rebels had to hide in any place , because they knew that the British navy would punish them for this act of rebellion. So they hid on Pitcairn Island with a group of Tahitians who accompanied them, then destroyed the frigate to leave no trace. The rebels remained on the island until one day the British authorities found them.

In 1856, the descendants of the HMS Bounty rebels were transferred to Norfolk Island to repopulate it. Today, half of Norfolk Island’s inhabitants are descendants of the crew that organized the famous mutiny. Riot

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