What is Right to Intimacy definition/concept

In most constitutional texts in the Western world, it is stated that every individual has the right to personal and family intimacy. This means that every person must protect the most intimate aspects of his life, so that neither the state nor any individual can interfere with his privacy without the free consent of the interested party. Right to Intimacy

This right protects issues related to health, sexual inclinations, customs, education , in short, matters of a personal or family nature. The protection of privacy by the legal framework means that the individual’s privacy cannot be used against him.

Someone else’s private space is inviolable, so no one can divulge information about another person. Otherwise, it would be violating the right to privacy, honor and good reputation. Right to Intimacy

Intimacy and honor are two closely related concepts

There are aspects of our private life that we prefer not to be disclosed, as it is our personal intimacy and we only want to share with those who feel appropriate. Consequently, our personal inclinations, physical or psychological characteristics and emotional relationships are part of individual privacy.

In the area of justice there is a protection of privacy. The most common crimes against intimacy are those that attack the personal image and reveal personal secrets.

As for honor, it is a right that everyone has without distinction

The right to honor means protecting one’s own estimation, good name and reputation in society as a whole. This right has a technical difficulty from a legal point of view, as it is something relative and subjective .

In any case, the holder of this right can be either a natural person or a legal person. Slander and insult are actions contrary to honor. Right to Intimacy

Both rights refer exclusively to private life, so that public life is excluded from their protection. Naturally, when an individual reveals their privacy to the public, a conflicting situation ensues. Thus, when a famous personality sells his image to a media outlet , he loses his right to intimacy.

The right to freedom of expression can clash with the right to privacy and honor

Privacy protection is recognized by the legal framework. However, there is also freedom of expression . This circumstance makes it difficult to precisely define the boundary between one right and another.

Possible conflicts between the two require some evaluation criteria. Thus, the predominant role of the right to information must maintain a proper balance with the right to honor and privacy. Right to Intimacy

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