What is Resource Management/meaning/concept

Every organization, whether public or private, aims to properly manage a series of means or resources in order to achieve certain goals. In this way, we speak of resource management to refer to the system that each entity uses to meet its needs. Resources can be understood in different ways: about technology, finances, time or the company’s own employees. In any case, all resources are limited and therefore must be managed or administered with effective criteria. What is Resource Management?

human resources administration

In any organization, the human factor is decisive. It is for this reason that the business area speaks of human resources. There are several aspects that act on the correct administration of employees. And experts in this area consider some to be essential:

– The employee must be considered as a fundamental element of any organization. In this sense, it is necessary to adopt measures that encourage and motivate workers. On the other hand, the person responsible for human resources must promote a good working environment and properly assess all employees;

– The human resources department must carry out an adequate selection of personnel and objectively evaluate the different profiles of candidates in relation to the position they intend to perform;

– The management of human resources has a direct relationship with other areas: labor legislation , hygiene, safety , productivity and wage policy . In other words, the human factor and its administration are located at the core of any company or entity; What is Resource Management?

– A correct administration of human resources must contemplate issues such as: career plan, internal promotion, description of each position and a more convenient rotation system. What is Resource Management?

Mismanagement of human resources

Let’s imagine that an HR department carries out a selection of deficient personnel. This hypothetical situation could have very negative consequences:

1) A general climate of dissatisfaction (this situation is common when the employee is overqualified in relation to the tasks they perform);

2) Problems of integration in the dynamics of the company (for example, a very individualistic person is not suitable to perform teamwork functions ); What is Resource Management?

3) Instability of staff and consequently lower productivity;

4) Finally, poor administration causes economic losses.

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