What is Resilience definition/concept

The human being is able to stand out in situations of maximum pain. There are people who have great strength to turn the page, even after painful situations such as an illness , the loss of a loved one, a personal tragedy or some major wound. In circumstances of this type, the subject‘s perception of his own reality is totally different from what he feels in a moment of absolute happiness. When pain comes, we feel that our strength has run out and life puts us to the test with a certain rigidity. However, the world is full of unsung heroes, of people who smile for life despite the wounds that touch the heart. Resilience

What tools does a human being have to support pain? How to turn the page after deep sadness? Through resilience. This is a concept analyzed in depth by psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos, which is the ability of human beings to seek a concrete meaning for a situation of pain with the aim of improving it.

Resilience emphasizes your attention to overcoming a painful situation seeking a concrete meaning for this circumstance, in addition, it seeks to strengthen this experience

The psychology positive also highlights the human capacity to face adversity with attitude overcoming , thinking positive and desire to improve.

Life not only has moments of joy and happiness, there are also situations of sadness that are part of human destiny. Turning your back on these situations is not a good sign of emotional intelligence. Resilience is the way to accept a reality and assimilate information , as well as seeking personal resources to face a given circumstance more effectively.

Resilience does not say that overcoming sadness due to a serious situation is easy, but that it is possible to overcome it whenever there is hope or an inner strength to fight

It is noteworthy that the thought of Viktor Frankl, founder of Logotherapy, also expresses that it is very important to seek meaning in a difficult situation in order to improve.

Seeking a meaning for pain means seeing the positive side of things, even in a negative situation. The search for meaning is subjective but professional. For example, a psychologist can help his patient find meaning in life even in the face of pain.

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