What is Reiki definition/concept/elaboration

Reiki is a therapy considered one of the alternative medicines. It is based on the laying on of hands for the purpose of transmitting energy . In this way, the therapist places his hands on the patient’s body and from there it benefits his organism. The reason why there is an improvement in the physical state is due to the activation of the human body’s magnetic fields. For this reason, reiki can be used on plants and animals alike.

The term reiki literally means nourishing energy and is a word of Japanese origin that has its corresponding symbolic representation, that is, an ideogram.

Main features of therapy

The energy used in reiki has both a physical and a spiritual dimension. Thus, the therapist places his hands on the patient’s body and during this process produces energy, from which the patient’s magnetic fields are balanced and in this way physical and emotional well-being is achieved.

The essential element of reiki is of the energetic type. In this sense, three different energy sources are used : heat, electricity and, in particular, electromagnetism.

Reiki therapy can be approached in two ways: designed for oneself or by treating others.

a reiki session

In the preliminaries of a session, there is an exchange of ideas between the therapist and the patient in order to know what is really happening to the patient. In the next phase, the therapist explains what to do throughout the session. Afterwards, the treatment begins with the laying on of hands and the consecutive exchange of energy. Specialized terminology speaks of an aura hairstyle, a link between the chakras and the cosmos, and the balance between the chakras. In this way, the therapist detects the patient’s condition, especially how their chakras are located. The reiki session ends when the therapist disconnects his or her own magnetic field  from the patient’s magnetic field.

Reviews of therapy

Like most alternative therapies, reiki is subject to all sorts of criticism. Some of the most significant are as follows:

  • – The magnetic fields of the human body cannot be perceived with a simple laying on of hands;
  • – The vital energy that supposedly detected was not objectively described, as it cannot be measured.
  • – Laying hands on someone can bring relief and relaxation, including physical well-being, just as it does with conventional massage. However, reiki as therapy cannot cure illnesses.
  • – The height of reiki is directly related to the fad of personal growth and oriental spirituality, but it is a mistake to understand this therapeutic technique as an alternative to conventional medicine.

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