What is recruitment consultancy/How it works/advantages/when to hire

The world is constantly changing, so it is extremely important that human resources professionals are always updating and innovating. Today, the selection of new talent demands a lot of expenses for a business. Thus, more and more organizations are choosing to hire a recruitment and selection consultancy to contribute to this process. recruitment consultancy

That’s because a company specialized in this service manages to achieve more efficient results and make more accurate hires, which avoids a high number of dismissals in the future. But what is and how does a recruitment and selection consultancy work ? What are the main benefits? When to hire her? Check everything out in this post!

What is and how does a recruitment and selection consultancy work?

The recruitment and selection process aims to admit the ideal candidates to contribute to the company’s growth, since a bad hiring negatively impacts the work and the final results. A consultancy acts analyzing, proposing and formulating solutions to existing challenges.

Thus, the recruitment and selection consultancy brings good results for companies that have or do not have a human resources team , as it offers specialized support to evaluate people in the best way possible.

To this end, the consultants consider several factors, in addition to professional training and experience, such as behavior and emotional intelligence, going through all the stages: vacancy disclosure, receipt of applications, evaluations and follow-up, including after hiring the employee. 

What are the advantages?

Hiring the consultancy of a company specialized in recruitment and selection is extremely advantageous.

Enlist the help of experts

Consultants are specialists capable of assisting at all stages of the recruitment and selection process . In this sense, they describe the vacancy, conduct interviews and select the best candidate, according to what the organization is currently looking for. recruitment consultancy

Thus, the company will ensure that those hired are truly trained and trustworthy professionals so that, in fact, they are able to assume the desired position. Here, the consultant will not do what the organization believes needs to be done, but rather offer solutions that meet the needs of customers.

Best candidates admitted

With a consultancy, the probability that admitted candidates are more qualified and committed to the business is greater. That’s because the choice will match the vacancy and the cultural fit of the company. In addition, consultants already have a pool of highly qualified professionals who can suit the position.

Shorter hiring time

As consulting companies already have the contacts of many professionals with great resumes and available for work, the hours spent looking for the best candidates are much smaller. 

Another important point is that the organization’s human resources team will have more time to devote to more strategic activities and better conduct processes, as they will not have to do all the triage themselves.

Strategic vision

By taking an external look, the consultancy analyzes candidates and companies strategically, aligning what both are looking for. Thus, there is a greater focus on the real business need

Also, because consultants have a lot of experience with recruiting, they know exactly how to conduct each process and what tests to apply to determine the best professionals for a position.

Lower costs

Open positions generate costs, so a good hiring, with less chance of turnover, saves a lot of money. To do this, candidates need to fit in with the organizational culture. recruitment consultancy

In this case, the expense you will have in hiring a consultancy is, in fact, an investment that will make a difference throughout the company.

Deployment of new technologies

Although many human resources professionals still resist technologies, consultancies understand that digital tools can be useful to optimize processes, identifying what can be replaced by outsourced services or systems.

But when to hire?

A recruitment and selection consultancy is a good option for companies that do not yet have a structured human resources team or time available to carry out all the selection processes.

Thus, HR can and should work together with the consultancy. Here, the internal team will present the profile of employees already hired, the company’s culture and other relevant issues. Thus, while consultants do the screening, professionals manage to prioritize the structuring of human resources. recruitment consultancy

In addition, the consultancy is also hired by organizations that already have a well-structured HR team, but that seek to improve their selections and, at the same time, focus on other activities, which is why they prefer to rely on the support of specialists. recruitment consultancy

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