What is Rastafarian definition/concept

The Rastafarian movement is part of the culture developed in the Caribbean since 1930, especially on the island of Jamaica. The people who belong to this movement have their own signs of identity. Many of them practice vegetarianism and non- violence as a vital principle. Reggae music, more particularly Bob Marley songs, is one of its most characteristic icons. We cannot forget other elements, such as: dreadlocks hairstyle, colorful cap, marijuana consumption and the use of tunics and turbans.

Rastafarian culture has its origins in the time of African slaves who arrived in Jamaica in the 18th century.

Although black slaves were subjected, they did not completely renounce their African roots.

In the early 20th century, Jamaican missionary Marcus Garvey prophesied, drawing on the Bible, that soon a black king would become the new messiah. So when Haile Selassie was crowned Emperor of Ethiopia, Garvey’s followers interpreted that his prophecy was fulfilled. Rastafarian  

Haile Selassie’s real name was another, Tafari Makkonnen, hence the word Rastafari (a combination of Ras meaning prince and the authentic surname of the emperor). The Ethiopian king became a symbol of Rastafarian and for this reason the colors of the Ethiopian flag (red, gold and green) are very present in this culture.

Anyway, this movement is a combination of biblical elements, the black culture of African slaves and the set of traditional elements of Jamaica.

Among the Rastaris or Rastas, the English expression “I and I” (literally Eu and Eu) is often used.

This does not mean that I am first, but it refers to the connection between the individual and God (also called Jah). In other words, the self of God is within us.

Marijuana use among Rastafarians

It can be said that Rastafarians smoke marijuana because this act gives them pleasure and so they manage to escape reality and enjoy reggae music. Rastafarian  

This view is quite imprecise, since they smoke marijuana because they are inspired by the biblical passages. In the book of Genesis or some psalms and proverbs there are references that are interpreted by Rastafarians as an invitation to consume cannabis.

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