What is RAM Memory definition/concept

RAM memory is the memory used by a computer for its daily work. It can be read and written continuously, unlike ROM memory , which only supports reading . In RAM memory the different processes that the system uses in its functioning are raised , a situation that allows the CPU to work with them. Currently, the existence of a memory capable of being read and written by a central process unit is a basic part of what a computer means, constituting a replicated and replicable architecture for a long time.

When a computer is turned on, the operating system is loaded into RAM as a prerequisite to giving the user the tools to manage a computer. Once this initial phase is accomplished, the user can invoke whatever programs he wants convenient and take up space in RAM memory. At this point it is important to highlight that in addition to the obvious profiled interaction between CPU and RAM, data is processed and returned, and there is a continuous interaction with the hard disk. Thus, the informationis taken continuously from disk so they are placed in RAM. Since the disk is much slower, this type of procedure becomes costly in terms of efficiency and is largely responsible for the slowdown problems. This is why it is generally preferable to have a good amount of RAM so that the system speed is increased.

From the moment of their emergence, memories of this type have seen a great increase in their speed as well as their capacity. Today, for example, the average capacity of a computer contains ten times the capacity that could be observed ten years ago. This fact is directly related to the improvement of production processes , according to a growing demand for continuous improvement with regard to this technology. This circumstance represents the same future trend that will undoubtedly result in productivity gains for users.

In the future, in addition to the known improvements in capacity and performance , there are undoubtedly also advances in terms of the size of these elements. In fact, the proliferation of devices with decreasing evaluation power makes it absolutely necessary to improve and increase the supply of RAM memory with these characteristics.

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