What is Pyrite definition/concept/elaboration

This rock is of metamorphic type and belongs to the sulfide group. It is formed by two elements: sulfur and iron (its scientific formula is Fe S2 and the name of its chemical compound is iron sulfide). As for its appearance, it presents perfect cubes of metallic golden tone. It is a soft and fragile mineral and for this reason it breaks very easily. Pyrite

This mineral can be found in deposits in the United States, Spain and Peru. It can be observed in both sedimentary and igneous environments. On the Mohs scale it has a hardness of 6.5, with talc being the least hard mineral and the diamond with the highest hardness. Its refractive index varies between 1.5 and 1.68.

As for the origin of the word, pyrite comes from the Greek word pyros, which means fire. This name is due to the fact that in ancient times it was used to generate fire, since when this mineral is struck with a harder one, sparks are produced that allow the formation of fire.

Pyrite is a worthless stone, but despite this it is used as an element of jewelry and ornamentation. In no case should this stone be used as a building material, as it decomposes easily. Pyrite

fools’ gold

In antiquity, due to its physical characteristics, it was confused with gold. This mess became known as “fool’s gold”. Throughout history there have been numerous episodes in which inexperienced people believed they had discovered a deposit of gold, but in reality what they found was pyrite.

Its supposed healing and esoteric properties

Stones, especially gemstones or gemstones, have certain properties that benefit physical and mental health. This assessment is not part of scientific knowledge, but is part of pseudoscience. In the case of pyrite, it is said to strengthen the circulatory system and increase the supply of oxygen to the blood. Traditionally, it has been used to relieve digestive problems and constipation. Furthermore, by strengthening the immune system, it helps to fight infectious diseases. To activate its properties it is advisable to place it anywhere on the body. Pyrite

On the intellectual plane, several properties are attributed: it accelerates mental activity, stimulates creative thinking and relieves frustration.

On the other hand, it is often said that it attracts material goods and favors luck in games of chance.

In the field of esoterism, it is a stone that fights evil and magic and helps to discover hidden talents. In order to be effective, it is recommended to leave it soaked overnight in sea water. Pyrite

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