What is Pulitzer Prize definition/concept

In any area of creativity, it is common to give an award to people who stand out for their contributions. The Pulitzer Awards are one of the most prestigious recognitions in the Anglo-Saxon world. They have been granted in the United States since 1917 and include several categories related to journalistic activity: editorial, public service , reporting , photography, investigative journalism or cartoons. Pulitzer Prize

Literary works such as biographies, works of fiction or historical research on the United States are also awarded. There is also a category designed to recognize the merit of a musical composition made by an American.

Certain awards not exempt from controversy

While these awards enjoy great prestige both in the United States and beyond, they also receive some criticism. In this sense, its liberal sense and a marked anti-conservatism have been censored.

The trajectory of these awards is closely linked to the most notable news in the history of American journalism (the Washington Post journalists, who unraveled the Watergate affair that ended President Nixon’s resignation, received this award in 1973). Pulitzer Prize

The legacy of a Hungarian journalist of Jewish origin

Joseph J. Pulitzer (1847-1911) came to the United States at a very young age and enlisted in the army to fight on behalf of the Northerners during the American Civil War. After the end of the war , he began his journalistic activity as an editor for a German-language newspaper in the city of Sant Louis. Over time, he bought the newspaper where he worked and began a successful career as a press editor.

In his journalistic activity he had the ability to connect with the man on the streets and became the precursor of sensationalism in the press in the United States. At the end of the 19th century, he bought a prestigious newspaper (the New York Journal) and through its pages promoted the Spanish-American war with the aim of making Spain lose control over the colonies of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Pulitzer Prize

Joseph J. Pulitzer died in 1911 and in his will he left the pertinent indications that each year the awards related to journalistic activity would be awarded.

The prizes that bear his name are given every April.

In the history of these awards, great writers such as Ernest Heminway and Tennessee Williams stand out. In the photography category, the Pulitzer Prizes are especially valued (the photo of Saigon’s execution in 1968 during the Vietnam War is considered one of the most impactful images of the 20th century). Pulitzer Prize

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