What is Public Speaking definition/concept

Oratory means the ability to express yourself orally and influence a particular audience. It is especially cultivated by characters whose public life involves them in lectures and conferences. It is especially useful in the political area , whether for the leader who expresses himself in front of the crowd, or for the legislator who exposes himself at the congress. However, this skill is currently under-promoted or underdeveloped. In general, there is a lack of formal education in this sense, although there are specific courses that are limited and specialized for each professional area. Public Speaking

Oratory has a long trajectory as a discipline in human history. In antiquity there were communities that gave a lot of importance to it. Thus, for example, in Ancient Greece, the possibility of properly expressing oneself in front of an audience was of great importance for society at the time. So, oratory was used as a means of expressing a proposal to a group of important people in society. This is understandable if we consider that Greece had the first democracies, which were characterized by the direct participation of citizens. Public Speaking

In fact, through oratory the ways of the city – state were publicly discussed , as it was an appreciated gift. A clear example can be seen by the famous character Demosthenes, who had difficulties expressing himself in public. So he left the community and went to speak alone in a place near the sea, where he could train and listen to his own voice. Thus, over time, he can return to the community and develop his quality of expression independently of the audience. Public Speaking

Given the importance of Greek culture within history, oratory was taught for a long time as an essential and large quality. Thus, its use was extended to Rome and later to the wealthier sectors of society; those who were used to leadership. Over time, this practice fell out of favor until it became a rarity.

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