What is Pub Crawl definition/concept

The term pub crawl refers to a social phenomenon that is widespread throughout the world. It is simply a tour of bars or clubs. Thus, a group of friends has fun making a tour of different places, and in each of them there is a stop to drink something alcoholic.

As a general rule, it is a nocturnal activity, characteristic of the climate and demand that characterize this period of time.

drunkenness route

Nightlife has several modalities, such as going out to dinner, dancing or watching a show. Another option is the pub crawl. This form of entertainment can be done in a moderate way or else as a script for drunkenness.

For some, this type of script is a form of evasion that serves to establish social relationships and spend some pleasant hours with friends. Its supporters claim that alcohol and entertainment are historically linked and that we shouldn’t be scandalized by this. Pub Crawl

Others believe that it is a social phenomenon that generates social conflicts and problems . In the first place , alcohol consumption can affect health and produce accidents transit . On the other hand, these drunken routes generate conflicts with neighbors in the affected areas, as they cannot sleep in peace. In this sense, in certain touristic places the pub crawl has become a social problem related to the security of citizens, due to this the hypothesis of prohibiting this type of modality was raised .

Other names with a similar meaning

In some parts of Spain, especially in the north, there is the habit of “potting”. So “going with pots” means going out with friends and stopping from bar to bar for something alcoholic and a snack. This activity is very common during the weekend and if the weather is nice, this “poteo” can be done outside a bar. Pub Crawl

The word “chiquiteo” is also used. In this case, it is a word of Basque origin, as it comes from txikiteo. It should be noted that a “chiquito” means a small glass of wine or beer.

On the other hand, if drinks are not consumed in a bar or pub, but are taken in the street, this activity is known as “botellón”. Pub Crawl

In Mexico, this drinking activity from bar to bar is called “salir de reventón” or “salir de revén”. For Peruvians it is said “parrendear”, for Chileans and Argentines it is customary to say “a previa”.

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