What is Psychosurgery definition/concept

Health is a goal of well-being. Within the field of health, the area dealing with the mind is particularly complex. In relation to mental health, some patients take certain medication, psychiatric drugs are to treat the effects of a specific diagnosis. Psychosurgery

In most cases, the way to treat a mental health problem lies in a combination of pharmacological treatment and word therapy. However, in some cases, it is necessary to implement other specific measures to reinforce the patient’s resilience.

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So it is, for example, with psychosurgery. It is a type of neurosurgery that aims to treat a mental illness . Psychosurgery is never the first option, it is the last. That is, this possibility arises when the results are not successful, as with previous treatments. In addition, we try to minimize the performance of this type of examination because the patient needs to go through a post-surgical recovery process .

Psychosurgery is the name of the technique that applies to the surgical treatment of the mind of patients suffering from a more serious mental illness. However, this type of treatment must always be carried out respecting ethics.

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An example of psychosurgery is lobotomy, a type of intervention frequent in the 20th century  to treat specific illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression . One of the reasons lobotomy was so well received in its day was because this surgical procedure could be performed in a relatively short period of fifteen minutes. Psychosurgery

Lobotomy lost popularity when the pharmaceutical sector introduced the first psychopharmaceuticals to medically treat mental illnesses. Furthermore, with the passage of time and the development of a new medical sensibility, lobotomy also began to be considered an unethical practice and even contrary to human rights .

This also contributed to the death of one of Walter Freeman’s patients as a result of hemorrhage during surgery. In addition, lobotomy left side effects in many cases, in the form of an aggravation in the patient’s behavior.

Currently, psychosurgical operations are performed only when a multidisciplinary team reviews the patient’s clinical history and carefully assesses the advantages and benefits of this intervention. Psychosurgery

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