What is Psychometric Test definition/concept

The psychometric test is one that assesses an individual’s personality, as well as their abilities. In the field of psychology it is important to objectively and accurately determine the individuals that are studied. It should be noted that psychology is a science that requires rigorous and reliable measuring instruments.

As a general rule, these tests are used during the personal selection process. Through it, it is possible to know the potential of a candidate in relation to a task to be performed. It should be noted that an employer looks for future workers with a certain personality characteristic.

Relevant aspects to overcome psychometric exams

The psychometric test is a tool that helps employers to find out about job applicants .

This type of test assesses an individual’s ability to perform specific tasks.

Whoever is evaluated must answer the questions with complete honesty , as the evaluator is an expert and can detect some contradictions between the answers.

To face this test with a certain guarantee, it is convenient to carry out some practical tests beforehand. In this way, the anxiety level for the final test can be reduced.

the test cleaver

This test is one of the most used in the field of psychometric exams. In it, certain abilities are measured such as constancy, willpower and the ability to adapt to different environments. At the same time, the Cleaver test allows you to provide an overall assessment of a candidate’s personality.

The test consists of a series of questions to which the examinee must give a spontaneous and honest answer. From the employer’s point of view, with this test it is possible to predict an individual’s reactions in the work environment. The data obtained with this test seek to assess the candidate’s behavior in current situations, his level of motivation and responsiveness in times of pressure.

The Cleaver test does not provide any information about IQ (IQ) as used in other psychometric tests (eg, the Terman test). On the other hand, candidates’ emotional aspects are not always detected by the Cleaver test.

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