What is Psychogenealogy definition/concept

The family tree shows the structure of the family history. This tree allows the protagonist to know his ancestors. Therefore, this structure studies the family as a system that feeds on the constant relationship between the whole and its parts. Psychogenealogy

Well, in the context of psychology, this discipline in particular highlights the emotional value that ancestors can bring to new generations.

family history

This study concludes that psychogenealogy has some unconscious attitudes that may have their origin in customs and attitudes passed down from generation to generation in a family. In other words, psychogenealogy analyzes the burden that the family past can have on individual freedom . Psychogenealogy

Psychogenealogy also concludes that from this perspective, human suffering is not related to individual sufferings, but to group systems; they are problems of the family history itself. Thus, for a person to be therapeutic he needs to know his family’s past in order to know himself.

It should be noted that the family tree is an organism in constant movement

It is not a static entity, but a good that evolves towards the future with the arrival of new generations. Psychological analysis of the family tree allows a person to delve into their unconscious roots to discover the causes that led to this situation.

Psychogenealogy starts from an essential idea in which a person carries on his back the possible weight of past mistakes that affect the present. The curious thing about this theory is that a person can be conditioned even to ancestral behaviors, even without knowing them. Therefore, it offers the family a deterministic character in the individual’s life that is totally conditioned to the past, in the context of this psychological theory . Psychogenealogy

psychological inheritance in the family

This theory , when correctly analyzed in the family context , can cause important conflicts and generate a lot of suffering. For example, the inner struggle that a young person feels when he finds himself between the possibility of following his professional vocation or continuing the family legacy within a private business. This debate is the struggle between individual freedom and the weight of family tradition that the child ends up feeling.

From this perspective, human beings feel the weight of family traditions that prevent them from fully developing until they reach real awareness of what is the cause of their inner block. Psychogenealogy

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