What is Psychoanalysis definition/concept

Developed by psychologist Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis is a theory  of psychological analysis, perhaps the best known and most popular in history, which works with the individual’s unconscious to try to understand the behaviors, feelings and ways of thinking about them.

In addition to being understood as a system of ideas that describe the functioning of the unconscious spaces of the human mind, psychoanalysis is also a method of therapy and treatment for any type of person.

The emergence of psychoanalysis can be traced back to the late nineteenth century, in 1890, when Dr. Sigmund Freud sought to develop and implement effective methods of analysis and understanding for his patients of the neurotic or hysterical type. In this sense, the importance of its creation was to be able to reframe psychological practices by establishing a deep relationship between human behavior and the unconscious processes that occur in the mind. This result came to be observed after many patients did not present physical or organic explanations for their symptoms of psychological alteration.

Psychoanalysis argues that a large part of our behavior, forms of expression, feelings, memories and desires have to do with phenomena that occur in the mind and are not logically or consciously adjustable.

Unconscious spaces are the basis of the psychological conflict suffered by each individual, while its symptoms make up the conscious area. To be carried out, the psychoanalytic treatment is based on the analysis of all the non-conscious elements of a person , such as dreams , desires, fears, desires, passions, memories and traumas, since all of them collaborated to form the patient’s personality more depth of what is believed and that each individual recognizes as possible.

That is why Psychoanalytic therapies are usually associated with sessions in which the patient establishes deep and relaxed conversations with the professional, who must guide them with questions in order to better understand him and know certain behaviors. You can also use hypnotic techniques and analyze the patient’s dream, as these are times when the conscious gives way to the unconscious layers of the mind so that they can express themselves with greater freedom and less restriction.

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