What is Provisional definition/concept

It is often said that something is temporary when it is considered to have a temporal character, that is, that it will not be lasting or permanent. In this way, in everyday life, there are a series of events cataloged in this way. Thus, when a person manages to fix a faucet on their own without the presence of a specialized plumber at any given time, it means that we are facing a typically temporary situation. Provisional

Waiting for a definitive solution

Everything that is temporary is related to transitory situations, as it is understood that for a certain time the solution to a problem is partially valid, but it is not definitive because it is a temporary solution. It can be said that the provisional acts as a patch, as it acts as a momentary arrangement that will soon be resolved conclusively.

An example that the provisional can become lasting

A proposal or provisional solution is intended to provide a solution for a while, but there is the possibility that the provisional one becomes lasting. Let’s look at this idea with an example from the football world.

The starting lineup of a football team suffers an injury and is replaced for a while by another striker who has not yet shown his qualities. But when this new striker demonstrates his scoring ability, this circumstance changes the coach’s initial thinking ; so that the interim solution becomes final.

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