What is Protein definition/concept/elaboration

A protein is called a molecule based on amino acids. Proteins are fundamental for the organism’s growth and fulfill a series of functions such as catalysis, regulation, defense, transport, reception, etc. In this way, almost all enzymes are proteins, a large number of hormones in charge of regulating cellular activities, antibodies, hemoglobin, receptors contained in cells, actin and myosin that allow muscle contractions. Proteins have several properties. Thus, they are soluble, have an electrolytic base and function as a pH buffer, acting as either an acid or a base.

Given its importance, it is necessary for the body to incorporate proteins for its functioning. From a nutritional point of view , protein sources are meat, eggs, vegetables, dried fruits, dairy products, cereals, etc. However, despite the fact that many foods have proteins, the body does not use them all with the same efficiency. According to several researches, both animal protein and soy protein are the best for the body as they are incorporated more efficiently.

A protein-deficient diet can cause illness or even death. Thus, it can lead to a decrease in white blood cells and, in the case of children, to reduced intelligence or even mental retardation. This is a noticeable problem mainly in underdeveloped countries. On the other hand, in developed countries, the problem may be the other way around: excess protein consumption. This situation causes the protein to convert into sugar and fatty acids due to the impossibility of storage. In addition, excess protein consumption can lead to a decline in body calcium, which in the long term can lead to a reduction in bone mass.

Protein incorporation is essential for athletes and individuals who want to see their body develop. Thus, a balanced diet, rich in good quality proteins and accompanied by physical exercise will certainly improve the quality of life of the affected person . It is necessary to know that, when practicing some type of sport , the muscle suffers micro injuries that repair the action of proteins, a circumstance that leads to an improvement in physical performance.

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