What is Propedeutics definition/concept

To understand the meaning of this term we must turn to its etymology. This word comes from the Greek, more specifically from the word propaideutikós. If we analyze its composition, we will have the following result: the prefix pro expresses the idea of ​​“before” and paideutikós refers to the idea of ​​teaching. Consequently, propaedeutics refers to prior learning of a subject or subject . In other words, it is the initial step in a learning  process . Propedeutics

Thus, in the geological study to build a building there is a propaedeutic (a study of soil properties); in a criminal trial, a previous study is carried out on the mental conditions of the accused, and in medicine, an evaluation of the patient is carried out.

In the field of medicine

Clinical propaedeutics is the discipline that deals with preparations for the study of internal or clinical medicine. In other words, it is about knowing the process of an illness. In this way, the symptoms and signs of an illness are studied from an examination of the individual . Thus, the doctor becomes familiar with the physical symptoms exhibited by the patient (eg, a headache). On the other hand, the physician studies the objective  manifestations of each symptom, that is, the reliable signs presented. When the symptoms and signs of the disease are already known, it is possible to determine the specific syndrome that the patient has. Propedeutics

What is a introductory course?

Knowledge of certain disciplines requires prior introductory preparation. When this type of training takes place, it is possible to talk about an introductory course. In this type of course, general themes are addressed, such as professional guidance, vocational aspects, available resources, learning techniques and, in general, the fundamentals of a discipline.

In this sense, some universities organize this type of course with the intention that students become familiar with the content of the subjects they will study later. Prepaedeutic or preparatory courses are quite common in the entrance exams for certain university studies. In some cases, these courses are designed to validate students’ knowledge and thus ensure that everyone has the same type of knowledge. Propedeutics

The propaedeutics in the philosophical sense

The philosopher Plato believed that to make a philosophical analysis was necessary to the student prior knowledge of the foundations of mathematics. Thus, certain knowledge of arithmetic or geometry was considered by Plato as the first step towards entering the specific concepts of philosophy. In this way, for Plato, mathematics is propaedeutic knowledge. Likewise, logic would be a propaedeutic of the computer language of programming. Propedeutics

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