What is Production Mode definition/concept

The mode of production can be understood as the way to organize the obtaining and distribution of resources needed by the members of a society . This type of production is defined by the relationships established by the members of the society in question, or else, by the type of relationship that exists between the owners of the means of production and workers.

Primitive production mode

During the Paleolithic and Neolithic period, the first social formations began to develop, which were characterized by the low level of development of their productive forces, as well as by the existence of collective ownership over rudimentary means of production and an equitable and equal distribution of products. obtained. This production is determined by the satisfaction of collective needs.

At that time, men organized themselves into groups and dedicated themselves to fishing, hunting and harvesting, whose work involved the cooperation of all

Consequently, there was no possibility that the means of production were private, except in the particular case of weapons that served to defend against enemy attacks and that were for personal use.

capitalist mode of production

The most used mode of production today had its origins in the feudalism of the Middle Ages, which based its expansion on the extensive use of salaried workers, totally stripped of any kind of relationship with the means of production. These means are the exclusive property of capitalism , which obliges workers to sign a contract for the effort of their work and in return be able to receive a salary .

For many authors, capitalism is the exploitation of man by man, in turn, it has also been the mode of production that allowed to gradually increase labor productivity.

socialist modality

This modality had its origins in the French RevolutionSocialism indicated a more equitable distribution of wealth, condemning private ownership of the means of production and the existence of social inequalities.

Within the socialist mode of production there must be no class differences, among which the exploitation of man by man is eliminated. The social relations are based on cooperation, help each other and the means of production belong to the whole of society.

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