What is Primary Care/meaning/concept

All areas of knowledge have specialized terminology. The term discussed here is closely related to health, more specifically to public health. Primary Care

The word attention indicates the meaning of the concept as a whole. It is about attending someone, in this case the basic needs of the population, that is, the purpose of primary care is to take care of people in relation to their elementary health needs.

The concept of health is very broad and covers several aspects from a medical point of view. For this reason, primary care is focused on essential and basic aspects.

Thus, health posts directed to primary care carry out a series of procedures: disease prevention, vaccination, awareness of possible health risks, basic rehabilitation, monitoring of social groups with health problems, proof of sick leave, among others . This type of approach to medicine intends to serve society as a whole in the aspects they consider fundamental to health, not simply because of the issue between doctor and patient, but from a social perspective . There are volunteer social workers and other specialists who normally serve the entire population. Primary Care

fundamental factors

For the general idea of ​​primary care to be translated into an effective health service , it is necessary to gather certain characteristics:

1. That is addressed to the entire population;

2. That it has a coordinated organizational structure that does not exclude anyone;

3. That the health posts have the necessary professionals and equipment;

4. That there is a control and follow-up of medical information .

Primary care is an aspect of the health system that, in a way, is the pillar for the construction of other health structures Primary Care

It can be said that it is a set of non-specialized procedures in a specific area of ​​health and that it has a public dimension, that is, it is a service facilitated by the state administration to all citizens.

Each country has its own model of primary care, but usually all incorporate a tool of great social utility: an information system . For example, in Spain it is known by the acronym SIAP, whose objective is to collect data on the most significant health indicators in relation to society as a whole.

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