What is Press Release/meaning/concept

Every company, organization or entity may have the need to establish a contact with the means of communication to announce something, for example, the opening of a branch, an event social or starting a new activity. For this information to be properly collected by the media, it is necessary to issue a press release.

How is a report of this type done?

First, it should be noted that a written means of communication will be able to spread news with journalistic rigor if it previously receives the necessary information in a clear and precise manner.

Every press release is made up of a series of elements. In the document sent, the entity’s logo or emblem must be incorporated so that the means of communication can identify who is the sender of the message . Obviously, it is necessary to specify the date of the announcement and the event, as well as the place and time it will be held.

It is convenient that the document has a title, which must be original, brief and clear

After the title, you must make a header, that is, a brief explanation of what will happen.

After the header comes the development, detailing all the information in a specific and detailed way.

Finally, at the end of the communication, a contact person should be mentioned with their corresponding phone number or e-mail so that the media can consult any queries or concerns.

To write a press release it is recommended to use a language simple and attractive at the same time. The information presented must be objective and without advertising formulas. If the press release is well written, it is likely that the media will incorporate it in its entirety without any corrections. In order for the content of the release to attract attention, it is convenient to add some image.

A tool to be known

Regardless of the type of organization, a press release or press release is a good strategy for making information known to the media .

In this sense, the purpose is to convert information into news of general interest. It should be noted that the first recipient of a press release is a journalist, who will have to make the decision whether or not to introduce the press release to the medium he works with.

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