What is Presbytery definition/concept

The word presbytery has three different meanings: it is an architectural element of some churches; it is a type of meeting between representatives of the Catholic Church and, finally, the Presbyterian movement is a current of Protestantism. In relation to its etymology , presbytery comes from the Latin word “presbyter,” which in turn comes from the word Greek “presbyteros”, which means House of the elderly.

An architectural element of churches

In most Christian churches, especially the older ones, there is an area where the steps are located and which gives access to the main altar. This area is the presbyteryum. During the liturgy, it is where the priests surround the bishop in a semicircle. It can have various shapes and for this reason it receives different names, such as apsis, shell or exedra. In some churches, elders are separated from the rest of the church by a grid that serves as a separating element between priests and faithful. Therefore, the presbytery must be understood as a space designed for the clergy. Presbytery

The Elderly Assembly in Jewish Tradition and the Early Christian Church

In the Torah and the Old Testament there are several references to meetings located in synagogues, where older religious leaders gathered to discuss synagogue administration. These meetings were the presbyteries.

With the consolidation of Christianity as a religion, the term presbyter was adopted to refer to religious leaders who collaborated with the bishop. The first elders were collaborators with the apostles who followed Jesus Christ and over time this figure was adapting to the organizational needs of the church.

In this way, presbyters are part of the ecclesiastical hierarchy , on the other hand, the term presbytery refers to the group of members with greater responsibility for the Church, that is, they are bishops, deacons and the presbyters themselves. They all form a community that represents the union among the followers of Jesus Christ. Elders, bishops and deacons share responsibilities (pastoral or missionary tasks and even those related to church management). Presbytery

Nowadays, the houses where Catholic religious live are known as presbyteries, as they often live in community.

the Presbyterian church

Presbyterians are a current that comes from Calvinism and was originally created in Scotland in the 16th century.

This version of Christianity began with the Protestant Reformation  and today its church is deeply rooted in the United States and, to a lesser extent , in Mexico and Brazil.

His doctrine is grounded in the Bible and Calvin’s contributions, especially with the idea of ​​predestination. According to this doctrine (of predestination), the destiny of human beings is shaped by the will of God. Presbytery

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