What is Prejudging definition/concept

When we evaluate or give an opinion about something before knowing it, it means that we are prejudging. Thus, the action of prejudging implies making a judgment about something, without sufficient information. The person who acts in this way is part of a preconception about someone or something and this attitude is considered reasonable, since to evaluate something it is convenient to start with prior information .

The action of prejudging is directly related to the idea of ​​justice

When we talk about justice, we are referring to a legal issue, but also to the moral principle that each individual at the time of evaluating a particular action. Prejudging

The tendency to prejudge is opposed to the search for true knowledge, since the truth about something can only be reached through a rigorous method and in any method the strategy that should not be used is to affirm something without knowing it .

an unfair attitude

Anyway, we all give our opinion (our personal judgment) about any kind of problem, for example, in relation to people around us or related to current affairs.

Opinion can have two categories: an opinion based on hard data and another based on beliefs and prejudices. This second option can be considered clearly wrong and largely unfair. In fact, it’s unfair because it’s an unfounded idea.

Considerations about prejudices

From the point of view of human behavior, prejudice is an attitude towards life, that is, a predisposition that certain people have.

Prejudice as an attitude is not only unfair conduct, but it also has other negative effects: it shows a person who is not strict with words and his opinions that he prejudices are unreliable. Prejudging

Prejudiced people reject other people’s opinions and are not open to new ideas

Their ideas usually have the following outline: this is how it is (the “it” can be anything, but what matters is that they are unwilling to change their minds).

Prejudices have a personal dimension, but also a collective one. It should be noted that certain groups or collectives are labeled with preconceived ideas or clichés that, in this way, create equivalences that distort reality , such as Gypsy = ignorant, Catalan = miser, Argentine = football lover, Caribbean = gay, among others . Prejudging

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