What is Pregnancy definition/concept

In the phenomenon of visual perception , humans interact with a series of physiological aspects that condition the capture of images. The relationship between the eye and the brain creates, in turn, a series of laws of perception and one of the laws that form part of human vision is pregnancy. This law refers to the qualities of forms perceived and captured by our vision.

Pregnancy in Gestalt Psychology

Gestalt is a current of psychology that emerged in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. Its main object of study is human perception and, in particular, the mental processes that interact when visually assimilating reality . According to psychologists of this current, our mind works fast in the perceptual processes and it is necessary to know what are the laws that determine the actions of perception . Pregnancy

It is understood that the perceived is pregnant when after a current verbal description it can be mentally recognized by another person .

So, when you say “think in a circle” the interlocutor can imagine an image because there is a simple description

On the other hand, when the verbal description of an image is ambiguous, the image that forms the interlocutor is not pregnant.

Images have a degree of pregnancy. In this way, there is a high degree when it is easy to describe and if the image is recognized immediately. The pregnancy law is not only applied to simple forms, but is also related to the color of objects (pure colors are pregnant and impure colors are not).

Perception laws apply in the advertising world

Gestalt psychologists refer to pregnancy as one of the proper laws of perception . Other laws are the following: of figure and ground, continuity, resemblance, symmetry, closure or proximity.

Anyway, the interest in mental mechanisms has been applied in artistic projects and especially in advertising strategies (visual marketing is mainly based on research on human perception ). In this sense, specialists in visual marketing try to make the product for sale present with a more adequate visual language , that is, with more persuasion potential for the final consumer.

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