What is Precaution definition/concept

Precaution is directly connected with prevention as a positive attitude to avoid certain negative consequences. For example, when a driver traveling on the road must be careful not to drink alcohol or use drugs, as this significantly increases the risk of an accident. Likewise, the driver should not use a cell phone because these distractions can have serious consequences on the road. Currently, the use of a cell phone while walking also increases the risk of accidents by pedestrians, which may collide with public furniture.

precautionary gestures

Likewise, when a person takes a long trip alone, he should be careful and thus inform himself about the most unsafe neighborhoods or places he visits, in order to avoid going through these places, especially at night. Another sensible thing to do is to take out travel insurance to resolve any incidents that may occur during the period. Precaution  

Many people when they return home late, for example, on a Saturday night from a big city, must take the precaution of booking a taxi to bring them back home.

Given the risk of suffering any incident, when passing through an isolated area, the taxi is a plan B that brings security to people who are afraid of walking alone at night.

From a health perspective, there are many decisions that are also made as a precaution. For example, avoiding the consumption of expired products as a precaution of causing a health problem. When a person is suspicious of a particular fact, he prefers to take precautionary measures. This attitude is a reflection of prudence that leads to taking opportune decisions in situations of uncertainty, among which there is some kind of problem. Precaution  

precautionary principle

The precautionary principle in caring for the environment goes beyond prevention; this prompts organizations to take ethical responsibility measures before causing serious harm to the planet. These measures are necessary given the logical belief , although there is still no conclusive scientific study that some products and certain technologies can potentially harm the nature or health of people. Precaution  

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